Piece of Maiden

Iron Maiden tribute band


Piece of Maiden is the Dutch Iron Maiden tribute band.

We’ve been playing venues of all sizes for the last couple of years, to bring you the best Iron Maiden experience possible. If you’re Iron Maiden fan and live in the Belgium, Germany and Netherland area, chances are that you might have already see us. If not, you’re in luck, because here you can see the pictures of our shows.

What makes us different compared to other Iron Maiden Tribute Bands?

  • We’ll bring you a full-fledged Iron Maiden themed stage
  • We ensure the real Iron Maiden feel, emotion and experience
  • It sounds like you are at an Iron Maiden concert yourself (but less expensive;) )
  • A setlist that varies every show. Even with songs not being (or almost never being) performed by Iron Maiden live themselves!
  • And last but not least: Eddie will make an appearance! On this page you can see all the pictures and video’s taken on the "tour" with Iron Maiden Tribute Band Piece of Maiden. We’ll personally make sure that the best pictures and video’s will be shown here.

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Pictures and video’s of the best Dutch Iron Maiden tribute band can be found below. Like what you see? Make sure to come to one of our many shows.

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De Rex, Essen- (09-10-2021)

Schutterspark tribute festival, Brunssum – (26-05-2018)

Tuinrock, Mariahoop – (27-08-2017)

MSF, Karken – DE – (19-08-2017)

Silverdome, Zoetermeer (08-04-2017)

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Piece of Maiden